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Electric Sleeve Regulating Valve

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Electric regulating valve

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    Features of the electronic electric sleeve regulating valve:
    The electric sleeve regulating valve has a large valve core guide surface, which can reduce vibration caused by fluid flow. It has the characteristics of smooth operation, accurate flow characteristics, and low noise, which is better than ordinary single and double-seat regulators. The valve noise is reduced by about 10dB and has strong applicability. It is widely used in automatic control systems in industrial sectors such as electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, and light industry.


    Electronic electric sleeve regulating valve parameters:


    valve body


    Straight through cast iron ball valve

    Nominal diameter

    25. 32. 40. 50. 65. 80. 100. 125. 150. 200. 250. 300mm

    Nominal pressure


    Flange standard

    JB/T79.1-94, 79.2-94, etc.


    Cast steel (ZG230450), stainless steel (ZGICr18Ni9Ti, ZGICr18Ni12M02Ti), etc.

    upper valve cover

    Standard type: -17-230℃ Heat dissipation type: 230-450℃ Low temperature type: -60--196℃ Bellows sealed type: -40-350℃

    Bonnet form

    Bolt pressing type


    V-type PTFE filler, impregnated PTFE asbestos filler, asbestos textile filler, graphite filler



    Valve components

    Valve core type

    Pressure balanced valve core

    Traffic characteristics

    Equal percentage characteristics and linear characteristics


    Stainless steel (1Cr18Ni9Ti, 1Cr18Ni12M02Ti, 17-4PH, 9Cr18, 316L), stainless steel Stellite alloy, titanium and corrosion-resistant Taijin, etc.