After-Sales Service

1. After-sales service methods provided by our company


1. Consulting service: If users encounter any problems during use, they can call the free consultation hotline: 021-56467898 / 66260866 for consultation

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2. From the date of purchase by the user, if the product has quality problems under normal use:


Three-guarantee service: If there are quality problems with all products after the contract is signed, three-guarantee service (guaranteed repair, guaranteed return, and guaranteed replacement) will be provided within one year. If there are special provisions in the contract, the terms of the contract shall prevail.




1. The date of purchase shall be subject to the date of contract signing (if there is no purchase contract, the date of shipment shall be subject).


2. If the product cannot be proven to be our company's product, our company will not assume any after-sales service obligations.


3. Quality issues do not include the user’s personal subjective objections to shape, style, appearance color, etc.


4. Product damage caused by improper operation by the user is not covered by the three guarantees.


3. When requesting service, please provide valid proof to prove that the product required for service is produced by our company.


4. Before using our products, please read the product instructions carefully.


(Note: Our company reserves the right to final interpretation of the after-sales service regulations for this product)