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Pneumatic Fluorine Lined Regulating Valve

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Pneumatic control valve

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    1. Main technical parameters of pneumatic fluorine-lined regulating valve


    Nominal diameter (DN)20253240506580100150

    Seat diameter (dn)20253240506580100150

    Rated flow coefficient (KV)5.081220325070100240

    Allowable pressure difference (MPa)

    Nominal pressure (MPa) 1.6, 2.5, 4.0, 6.4

    Rated stroke (mm)16254060

    Equipped with actuator model ZHA/B-22ZHA/B-23ZHA/B-34ZHA/B45

    Valve core type single seat plunger type fluorine lined valve core

    Flow characteristics quick opening characteristics

    2. Technical parameters of pneumatic fluorine-lined regulating valve actuator

    Configuration actuator category ZHA/B multi-spring diaphragm actuator

    Actuator model ZHA/B-22ZHA/B-23ZHA/B-34ZHA/B-45ZHA/B-56

    Effective area (cm2)3503505609001400

    Stroke (mm) 10, 16244040, 60100

    Spring range (KPa) 20~100 (standard), 20-60, 60-100, 40-200, 80-240

    Diaphragm material: nitrile rubber sandwiched with nylon cloth, ethylene propylene rubber sandwiched with nylon cloth

    Air supply pressure 140~400KPa

    Air source interface RC1/4"

    Ambient temperature -30~+70℃

    Can be equipped with accessories positioner, air filter pressure reducer, position retaining valve, travel switch, valve position transmitter, handwheel mechanism, etc.

    Functional form: air-closed type (B)—the valve position is open (FO) when the air is lost; air-opening type (K)—the valve position is closed (FC) when the air is lost.


    3. Main parts and materials of pneumatic fluorine-lined regulating valve


    Valve body and valve cover ZG230-450 lined with F46

    Valve seat and valve core 304 lined with F46

    Stem 304 lined F46

    Guide sleeve 304 lined F46

    Bellows stainless steel+F46