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Pneumatic Flange Ball Valve

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Pneumatic ball valve

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    Advantages of pneumatic flange ball valve:

    1. According to the needs of working conditions, pneumatic flange ball valves can be divided into two sealing structures: soft seal (-30~180℃) and hard seal (-40~450℃), so that they can be used in places with different media, different temperatures and different pressures. fair use.

    2. The power source of the pneumatic flange ball valve is gas, which will not come into contact with sparks. It is theoretically explosion-proof and relatively safe. And if there is a gas leak, the gas can be discharged directly, causing no pollution to the environment and having high safety.

    3. From the perspective of valve caliber, due to torque force, manual ball valves can generally only be configured with ball valves with a caliber below DN300, while pneumatic flange ball valves can be configured with a wider caliber. Not only small-diameter ball valves can be configured, but also small-diameter ball valves can be configured. For ball valves with large diameters, pneumatic ball valves can currently reach a diameter of DN1200.


    Optional accessories for pneumatic flange ball valves:

    triple piece: can stabilize the air source, filter, and add lubricating oil to the cylinder

    Echo device: also called limit switch, remote feedback switch signal (explosion-proof optional)

    Solenoid valve: choose two-position five-way for double-acting, choose two-position three-way for single-acting (explosion-proof optional)

    Positioner: input 4~20mA signal to realize valve adjustment function

    Manual mechanism: Manual mechanism, which can realize manual opening or closing of the valve.
    Accessories: electric positioner, pneumatic positioner, electric converter.
    Cut-off accessories: single solenoid valve, double solenoid valve, limit switch transmitter


    Pneumatic flange ball valve parameter description:

    Nominal diameter


    Nominal pressure

    PN1.6、2.5、4.0、6.4、10.0 MPa

    Connection method

    Flange connection

    Drive form

    Compressed air 4-7bar (can be equipped with manual device)

    temperature range

    Soft seal: -30~180℃; Hard seal: -40~450℃

    Action range


    Valve body material

    Carbon steel, stainless steel 304, 316, 316L

    Applicable media

    Water, steam, liquid, oil, corrosive media, etc.

    control method

    Switch cut-off type, adjustment type (positioner 4-20mA analog signal)

    Action form

    Single-acting spring return (normally open, normally closed), double-acting (air on and off)