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Pneumatic Cast Steel Ball Valve

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Pneumatic ball valve

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    Features of pneumatic cast steel ball valve:

     1. The pneumatic cast steel ball valve adopts a floating straight-through structure. The diameters of the valve body channel and the connecting pipe are equal and form one diameter, so the medium can flow through almost without loss;

    2. The Q641F-16C pneumatic ball valve uses purified dry compressed air as its power source. It can be used as a switch to cut off or to adjust the flow rate. It has the characteristics of simple operation and good reliability.

    3. The connection between the actuator of the pneumatic carbon steel ball valve and the ball valve does not require a bracket or connecting shaft. By selecting different valve body and valve seat materials, it can be suitable for different working conditions and media.

    4. The pneumatic floating ball valve actuator can be equipped with electrified signal feedback indication and various accessories to achieve automated operation (explosion-proof optional).


    Pneumatic cast steel ball valve structure diagram



    Product parameters

    Technical parameters of pneumatic cast steel ball valve:


    Nominal diameter


    Nominal pressure


    Connection Type

    Flange connection

    structure type

    floating straight-through

    Drive form

    Compressed air 4-7bar (can be equipped with manual)

    Action range


    Valve core structure

    Floating "O" valve core

    Valve body material

    Cast steel WCB, stainless steel 304, 316, 316L

    Sealing material


    Use media

    Water, oil, gas, corrosive media, etc.

    control method

    Switching type (quick two-position cut-off), regulating type (valve positioner 4~20mA signal)

    Pneumatic cast steel ball valve execution structure:

    Double-action: The switching action is driven by the air source. Ventilation is on and off. If the air source fails, the current position is maintained.
    Single-action: Only the opening/closing action of the switch is driven by the air source, while the closing/opening action is driven by the spring. reset.

    Single-acting normally closed type: ventilation on, air shutoff off, air source failure off

    Single-acting normally open type: ventilation closed, air cut-off open, air source failure open

    Optional accessories: reversing solenoid valve, limit switch, air filter pressure reducing valve, electric positioner, handwheel mechanism, position retaining valve

    Additional functions: optional explosion-proof, can be equipped with manual device (manually open and close the valve in case of failure)