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Electric Flange Gate Valve

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Electric gate valve

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    Advantages of electric flange gate valve:


    1. The fluid resistance is small, the internal medium channel of the valve body is straight, and the medium does not change its flow direction when flowing through the gate valve.

    2. The erosion and erosion of the sealing surface medium are small.

    3. Simple shape, good manufacturing process and wide application range.

    4. Opening and closing are more successful. When opening and closing, the movement direction of the gate is perpendicular to the direction of medium flow.

    5. The flow direction of the medium is generally not restricted, and the medium can flow in any direction from both sides of the gate valve.



    Technical parameters of electric flange gate valve:

    Nominal diameter


    Valve body form

    Straight through cast body

    Nominal pressure

    National standard PN1.6, 2.5, 4.0, 6.4 MPa

    Connection Type

    Flange connection

    control method

    Electric control (power driven)

    Valve body material


    ambient temperature

    -20~+60℃, ambient humidity: ≤90%



    After-sales service commitment

     For your company to order valve products from our company, our company makes the following commitments in terms of after-sales service:

    1. Our company implements three guarantees for product quality, namely: quality guarantee, replacement guarantee, and warranty;

    2. After the contract is signed, the quality, quantity and on-time delivery are guaranteed;

    3. The company ensures that the valve products provided meet the contract specifications

    4. Provide answers to buyers’ technical inquiries at any time;

    After receiving letters or phone calls from users reporting quality problems, we guarantee a reply within 24 hours to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.