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Electric Soft Seal Gate Valve

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Electric gate valve

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    Technical parameters of electric soft seal gate valve:


    Nominal diameter: 50~1200mm

    Nominal pressure: 1.0~2.5MPa

    Connection method: flange type

    Working temperature: 0~80℃

    Control method: electric control (power drive)

    Applicable media: water, oil, gas, etc.


    Electric soft seal gate valve parts materials:

    valve body

    Gray cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel


    Ductile iron coated with EPDM or nitrile rubber

    sealing ring

    Nitrile rubber


    Gray cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel


    Stainless steel

    "O" ring seal

    Nitrile rubber


    Stainless steel


    Ductile iron, cast steel


    Performance advantages of electric soft seal gate valve:


    The electric soft seal gate valve has the advantage of corrosion resistance. The valve body is coated with powder epoxy resin, which overcomes the corrosion and rust of the ordinary gate valve body and can be used in sewage systems.

    The bottom of the electric elastic seated gate valve body (equivalent to the bottom of the pipeline) has no gate groove and is in a flat state, which will not cause trapped debris. It solves the problem of traditional gate valve debris such as sedimentation in the groove of the valve bottom, which can easily cause failure. Closes tightly to prevent leakage, allowing fluid to flow unimpeded.