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Electric Explosion-Proof Butterfly Valve

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Electric butterfly valve

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    Structural principle of electric explosion-proof butterfly valve:

     The structural principle of the explosion-proof electric butterfly valve is to enclose all parts of the equipment that may ignite explosive media in a shell. The shell can withstand the internal explosion of flammable media that penetrates into the shell through any joint surface or structural gap of the shell without being damaged. The flameproof enclosure isolates the internal space of the equipment from the surrounding environment. When it explodes, the shell can withstand the explosion pressure without being damaged. At the same time, the structural gap of the shell can cool the flame, reduce the flame propagation speed or terminate the acceleration chain, so that the flame or dangerous flame products cannot pass through the explosion-proof gap to ignite external explosives. environment, thereby achieving the purpose of explosion proof.

    Technical parameters of electric explosion-proof butterfly valve:


    Functional form: Ordinary switch type, regulating type (4~20mA)

    Ambient temperature: -30℃~+70℃

    Power supply voltage: AC220V, AC380V (other customized DC24, etc.) 50/60Hz

    Protection level: IP67, IP68 optional

    Feature options (optional)

    Explosion-proof type: Explosion-proof grade: dⅡBT3/T4

    Signal feedback: active signal, S passive signal

    With heater: allows drying of internal actuator components in humid environments (optional)

    Manual function: The electric actuator has manual valve opening and closing functions

    Adjustment type: Input 4~20mA signal to realize valve adjustment function


    Electric explosion-proof butterfly valve structure diagram


     Electric explosion-proof butterfly valve design standards:

    Design standards: GB/T2238-1989

    Flange connection dimensions: GB/T9113.1-2000; GB/T9115.1-2000; JB78

    Structure length: GB/T12221-1989

    Pressure test: GB/T13927-2000; JB/T9092-1999


     Electric explosion-proof butterfly valve parts materials:

    Valve body: ductile steel, cast steel, alloy steel, stainless steel

    Butterfly plate: gray cast iron, ductile cast steel, cast steel, stainless steel and special materials

    Seal ring: various rubber, PTFE, stainless steel

    Valve stem: 2Cr13, stainless steel


    Performance specifications of electric explosion-proof butterfly valve:


    Power crushing



    4~20mADC, load resistance: ≤500Ω

    Connection Type

    Clamp type, flange type

    Explosion-proof level

    IP65 (or IP67), explosion-proof mark: Exd Ⅱ BT4 or CT4

    signal isolation

    Three isolations of input signal, output signal and power supply

    Action range


    ambient temperature

    -25~+70℃, ambient humidity: ≤95%

    Valve body material

    Carbon steel, stainless steel 304, 316