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Electric Ventilation Butterfly Valve

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Electric butterfly valve

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    Product parameters

    Electric ventilation butterfly valve actuator:

    Control method: electric control (power drive)

    Medium temperature: -40℃~+450℃ (steel plate coil welding), above +450℃ (stainless steel plate coil welding)

    Rotation range: 0-90 degrees

    Flow Characteristics: Approximate Percentage

    Flange standard: GB/T9115-2000 steel pipe flange welding standard

    Actuator: Can be equipped with angle stroke series electric actuator

    Control mode: ordinary switch type (passive contact switch type), regulating type (input and output 4-20mA)

    Electric ventilation butterfly valve performance indicators:


    Item: indicator value

    Basic error %: ±2.5

    Times error%: 2.0

    Dead zone %: 3.0

    Always point deviation %: ±2.5

    Rated stroke deviation %: +2.5

    Allowable leakage 1/h: 2×10-2×valve rated capacity


    Electric ventilation butterfly valve performance characteristics:


    1. Simple structure, large diameter, light weight and easy to operate.

    2. Small driving torque, flexible opening and closing, and easy operation.
    3. It can be installed at multiple stations and will not be affected by the medium.

    4. The valve body is equipped with an oil sealing back-up ring. There is no visible gap between the sealing pairs and the leakage rate is small.

    5. The expansion gap between the butterfly plate and the valve body is large, which can effectively prevent jamming caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

    Electric ventilation butterfly valve structure diagram
    Electric ventilation butterfly valve structure diagram


    Technical parameters of electric ventilation butterfly valve:

    Nominal diameter


    Nominal pressure


    Connection Type

    flange type

    Valve body structure

    Type A

    test pressure

    Seal 0.15Mpa, shell 0.11Mpa

    Traffic characteristics

    Linear/Equal Percent Characteristics

    Sealed form

    Open type, rear entry type (suitable for ultra-high temperature), sealed type (suitable for normal temperature)

    Applicable media

    Dusty gas, air, gas, high temperature flue gas