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Electric V Ball Valve

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Electric valve

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    Technical parameters of electric V-shaped regulating valve:

    Nominal diameter


    Nominal pressure


    Connection Type

    Flange connection

    Valve core structure

    V-shaped notch valve core

    Action range

    0-90 degree

    Traffic characteristics

    Approximate equal percentage, straight line characteristics

    Leakage Q

    Soft seal: zero leakage; hard seal: ≤ rated Cv×0.001%

    switching time

    8 seconds-15 seconds-30 seconds-60 seconds (can be customized according to requirements)

    Valve body material

    Carbon steel WCB, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316

    proper temperature

    Soft seal: -29~+150℃ Hard seal: -150~+450℃

    Action form

    Intelligent adjustment type (4~20mA analog signal control), passive contact signal