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Electric Fluorine Lined Ball Valve

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Electric valve

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    Technical parameters of electric fluorine lined ball valve:


    Nominal diameter


    Nominal pressure


    Connection Type


    Sealed form

    O type ball valve core


    AC110V, AC220V, AC380V (DC24, etc.)

    Applicable media

    Any corrosive chemical media

    Valve body form

    Two-stage valve body (floating ball)

    Valve body material

    Carbon steel, stainless steel 304, 316, 316L

    Sealing material


    Leakage Q

    Soft seal: zero leakage

    proper temperature


    Drive form

    Electric control, optional explosion-proof actuator, can be equipped with manual device

    control method

    Ordinary switch type (switch two-position mode), intelligent adjustment (4~20mA analog signal control)

    Advantages of electric fluorine lined ball valve:


    1. Corrosion resistance: The inner cavity and body of the valve body are lined with 2.5-3mm thick F46, which is resistant to acid, alkali and strong corrosion.

    2. It adopts soft sealing valve seat and has good sealing performance.

    3. Small size, light weight, simple structure, easy installation and maintenance.

    4. Small flow resistance, strong flow capacity, and good flow characteristics.

    Electric fluorine lined ball valve parts materials:

    Part Name


    Valve body valve cover






    2Cr13+nitriding treatment+46









    sealing ring

    PTFE, carbon fiber + PTFE

    sealing packing

    PTFE packing

    Instructions for use of electric fluorine-lined ball valve:


    (1) The temperature of the medium used cannot exceed 150°C (the medium temperature can reach 150°C in a short time, and the long-term use temperature should be around 120°C). Otherwise, the F46 lining of each component of the valve will easily soften and deform, causing the valve to close. Immortal, large leakage.

    (2) If the medium temperature used by the user is below 180°C in the short term and below 150°C in the long term, another fluoroplastic, PFA, can be used, but the price of PFA fluoroplastic lining is more expensive. Please inquire in advance.

    (3) Do not have negative pressure. Electric fluorine-lined ball valves should avoid using negative pressure in the pipeline. If there is negative pressure, it will easily cause the fluorine-lined plastic layer in the inner cavity of the valve to be sucked out (bulged out) and shelled, causing the valve to open. , shutdown failure.

    (4) Pressure and pressure difference should be controlled within the allowable range.


    After-sales service commitment

     For your company to order valve products from our company, our company makes the following commitments in terms of after-sales service:

    1. Our company implements three guarantees for product quality, namely: quality guarantee, replacement guarantee, and warranty;

    2. After the contract is signed, the quality, quantity and on-time delivery are guaranteed;

    3. The company ensures that the valve products provided meet the contract specifications

    4. Provide answers to buyers’ technical inquiries at any time;

    After receiving letters or phone calls from users reporting quality problems, we guarantee a reply within 24 hours to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.