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Electric Three-Piece Ball Valve

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Electric valve

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    Standard specification for electric three-piece ball valve:


    Test inspection: API598, EN12266

    Threaded terminals: ASME B1.20, BS21 DIN2999/259, BSP ISO7/1,
    ISO228/1 JIS B 0203

    Butt weld ends: ASME B16025

    Sleeve welding ends: ASME B16.11

    Valve flange connection end: ASME B16.5 DIN2542~2545 JIS B2238

    Electric three-piece ball valve structure diagram

    Electric three-piece ball valve structure diagram


    Technical parameters of electric three-piece ball valve:

    Nominal diameter


    Nominal pressure


    Connection Type

    Internal thread, welded type

    Drive mode

    Power driven (can be explosion-proof, can be equipped with manual device)


    AC220V, AC380V (other customized DC24, etc.)

    Action range


    structure type

    Three piece ball valve

    Valve body material

    Carbon steel, stainless steel 304, 316, 316L

    signal feedback

    Active signal, S passive signal

    action time

    30S-60S (quick opening can be customized)

    proper temperature

    -29~180°C (reinforced tetrafluoroethylene), -29~300°C (para-polyphenylene)

    Applicable media

    Liquid, oil, air and corrosive media, etc.

    control method

    Switch type (switch two-position mode), intelligent adjustment (4~20mA analog signal control)

    Classification and differences of electric disc ball valves:

    The electric one-piece ball valve is one-piece, and the ball is fixed by a plug, which facilitates its maintenance and can be used in working conditions that require quick opening and closing.

    The electric two-piece ball valve is composed of two parts. The ball is clamped and fixed by the two valve bodies. Maintenance is relatively complicated. The tightness of the middle screw is related to whether there will be air leakage. 

    The electric three-piece ball valve is similar to the two-piece ball valve. It is composed of left and right end covers and a middle valve body, and is clamped by neck flanges on both sides. Its pressure is higher than the other two types.


    After-sales service commitment

     For your company to order valve products from our company, our company makes the following commitments in terms of after-sales service:

    1. Our company implements three guarantees for product quality, namely: quality guarantee, replacement guarantee, and warranty;

    2. After the contract is signed, the quality, quantity and on-time delivery are guaranteed;

    3. The company ensures that the valve products provided meet the contract specifications

    4. Provide answers to buyers’ technical inquiries at any time;

    After receiving letters or phone calls from users reporting quality problems, we guarantee a reply within 24 hours to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.