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Pneumatic V-Type Ball Valve

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    Function of pneumatic V-shaped regulating ball valve:
    Pneumatic V-shaped ball valve is divided into soft seal and hard seal according to sealing performance. Soft seal is generally used in low-pressure and normal temperature places, while hard seal can be used in normal temperature and high-temperature and high-pressure pipelines. According to the control mode, it is divided into regulating type and switch-cutting type. The switching type can be divided into single-acting and double-acting type according to the mode of action. The regulating type should choose the double-acting type. The unique advantage of single-acting actuator is that once the air source loses air, In the event of pipeline failure or pipeline failure, the pneumatic V-type ball valve will automatically reset to the valve closed or open state according to the requirements of the control system.


    Pneumatic V-shaped regulating ball valve
    Pneumatic flange V-shaped ball valve Pneumatic wafer-type V-shaped ball valve



    Product parameters

    Technical parameters of pneumatic V-shaped regulating ball valve:

    Nominal diameter


    Nominal pressure


    Connection method

    Flange type, clamp type

    Drive form

    Compressed air 4-7bar, manual device available

    temperature range

    Soft seal: -30~180℃; Hard seal: -40~450℃

    Valve core structure

    V-shaped cutout ball core

    Sealing material

    Reinforced PTFE para-polystyrene metal seal

    Valve body material

    Carbon steel WCB, stainless steel 304, 316, 316L

    Action form

    Single acting (spring return), double acting (air on and off)

    control method

    Two-position switch cut-off, precise adjustment type 4-20mA analog signal (explosion-proof optional)


     After-sales service commitment

     For your company to order valve products from our company, our company makes the following commitments in terms of after-sales service:

    1. Our company implements three guarantees for product quality, namely: quality guarantee, replacement guarantee, and warranty;

    2. After the contract is signed, the quality, quantity and on-time delivery are guaranteed;

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    After receiving letters or phone calls from users reporting quality problems, we guarantee a reply within 24 hours to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.