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Jtm Type Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pump

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    JTM type hydraulic diaphragm metering pump installation diagram:

    JTM type hydraulic diaphragm metering pump parameter table :


    Installation requirements:
    1. The pump should be installed on a specially prepared concrete foundation or iron cast platform, and fixed with anchor bolts after correction. The concrete foundation should be 50 to 100 mm higher than the ground.
    2. The diameter of the suction and discharge pipes should be no less than the diameter of the inlet and outlet pipes, and the suction pipe should be shortened as much as possible. If the suction line is too long or there are too many elbow joints, NPSHa calculations should be performed to meet the necessary net positive suction head requirements.
    3. The connecting pipelines should be equipped with measuring instruments, such as pressure gauges (prepared by the user).
    4. The end of the suction pipe should be equipped with a filter device (prepared by the user).
    5. The discharge pipeline should be equipped with a safety valve or safety relief valve (prepared by the user). If you need to reduce the outlet pressure pulsation, a pressure stabilizing device can be installed on the discharge line close to the pump.