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Dosing Device, Dosing System

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Dosing device

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    product description

    The main products of our company's dosing devices include phosphate dosing devices, boiler dosing devices, power plant dosing devices, chemical dosing devices, and automatic dosing devices. According to the structure, they can be divided into single-tank single-pump dosing devices, single-tank dosing devices Double-pump dosing device, multi-tank and multi-pump dosing device, the specific parameters and materials can be customized according to customer needs.

      The dosing device is a complete set of equipment that integrates dosing, stirring, liquid transportation, and automatic control. It is widely used in raw water in power plants, boiler water supply, oil field ground transportation and dehydration treatment systems, and various dosing in the petrochemical industry. systems and wastewater treatment systems. Such as adding coagulants, phosphates, ammonia liquid, lime water, water quality stabilizers (corrosion inhibitors), scale inhibitors, liquid pesticides, etc. 

    Working structure principle:
      The dosing device mainly consists of a solution tank, a mixing tank (with a stirrer), a metering pump, a liquid level gauge, an electric control cabinet, pipelines, valves, safety valves, check valves, pressure gauges, filters, and bases. , escalators, etc. (can be configured according to the actual requirements of the user).
      The dosing device prepares the medicine in the mixing box according to the required concentration of the medicine, stirs it evenly with the stirrer, then puts it into the solution box, and uses a metering pump (dosing pump) to transport the prepared solution to the dosing point or designated system. The complete set of dosing equipment has the characteristics of compact structure, safety and simplicity, and easy operation and use. The device can also be designed and configured with necessary components according to the user's different process flow requirements to achieve suitable functions (such as automatic remote control), economy and practicality.
    Precautions for selecting a dosing device 
    1. When the user selects a dosing device, first determine the specifications according to the amount of solution required by the system (including metering pump parameters, mixing tank volume, solution tank volume and site conditions), and then according to the dosage situation, determine the dosing situation, and determine the dosing method (generally using the "one on and one ready" method);
    2. Select the material of each component of the dosing device (stainless steel, carbon steel, non-metallic materials) and metering pump model as needed (diaphragm pump, plunger pump) or provide our company with the parameters of the chemical added (name, concentration, temperature, density, viscosity, corrosiveness, etc.);
    3. Other special requirements for the chemical dosing device.