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Sodium Hypochlorite Automatic Dosing Device

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Dosing device

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    1. Product Overview of Sodium Hypochlorite Dosing Device

    The water system is continuously recycled in the circulation system. Due to the increase in water temperature, changes in water flow velocity, water evaporation, concentration of various inorganic ions and organic substances, dust and debris entering from the replenishment tank of the chilled water system, and equipment The combined effect of various factors such as structure and materials will cause more serious problems than DC systems, such as sediment adhesion, equipment corrosion, massive growth of microorganisms, and the resulting slime and dirt blocking pipelines.

    For water quality stabilization treatment of central air-conditioning circulating water, if artificial dosing is used to control water quality, there are disadvantages such as heavy workload, inaccurate dosing control, and easy control of water quality. The fully automatic dosing device is a set of equipment that matches the central air-conditioning circulating water treatment, including intelligent control boxes, dosing metering pumps, dosing barrels, optional online control instruments, etc. The fully automatic dosing device can timely, quantitatively and automatically add chemicals to the circulating water system. The fully automatic dosing device greatly reduces the workload, realizes scientific management, and reduces operating costs.


    2. Working principle of sodium hypochlorite dosing device

    The dosing pump is controlled by a time control switch to regularly add bactericidal algaecide, corrosion and scale inhibitors into the system to prevent bacterial growth and algae reproduction, thereby achieving the effects of sterilization, algae removal, scale removal and scale prevention.

    Non-oxidizing bactericides should be used in circulating water, which have broad-spectrum and efficient sterilization and algae killing capabilities, can effectively control the reproduction of bacteria and algae and the growth of slime in the water, and have good slime stripping effects and certain dispersion and penetration effects. It can effectively remove algae reproduction and slime growth, has a good bactericidal effect in different pH value ranges, and has certain oil removal, deodorization capabilities and corrosion inhibition effects.

    Non-oxidizing fungicides have low toxicity, no cumulative toxicity, are easily soluble in water, and are not affected by water hardness. Therefore, they are widely used in circulating cooling water systems in petroleum, chemical, electric power, textile and other industries to control circulation. The growth of bacteria and algae in the cooling water system is harmful to the killing of sulfate reducing bacteria. It is used as a non-oxidizing bactericidal algaecide, slime stripper, leveling agent for acrylic fiber dyeing and smoothing and antistatic treatment before textile processing.

    Corrosion and scale inhibitors, as the name implies, are water treatment chemicals that alleviate corrosion and prevent equipment from scaling. This agent is mostly used in boilers and cooling circulating water equipment to make the circulating water less likely to cause scaling and corrosion of the equipment, extend its life, and save costs and consumption.


    3. Characteristics of sodium hypochlorite dosing device

    1. Easy installation, high degree of automation and simple operation;

    2. Stable performance, long service life, easy maintenance, low operation and total investment;

    3. The dosage of pharmaceuticals is fully adjustable to avoid unnecessary waste of pharmaceuticals;

    4. The dosing barrel has strong resistance to chemical corrosion and good acid and alkali resistance;

    5. Beautiful appearance, small footprint and compact structure.


    4. Structural composition of sodium hypochlorite dosing device

    The fully automatic dosing device is mainly composed of an intelligent control box, an electromagnetic diaphragm metering pump, a dosing barrel, and a liquid level switch (conductivity meter, PH meter, ORP meter, drain valve, etc. are optional).

    1. Intelligent control box:

    The intelligent control box is the brain and control command center of the entire dosing system. It coordinates the work of all components of the entire system and is controlled by a two-way output time-controlled switch.

    1), online control the opening and closing of the dosing pump;

    2), online control the remaining amount of medicine in the medicine barrel of the dosing system, and give an alarm signal when a low liquid level occurs.

    2. Electromagnetic diaphragm metering pump:

    When the intelligent control reaches the preset time initial value, the metering pump turns on and starts dosing; when the time end value is reached, the metering pump closes and stops dosing.

    The electromagnetic diaphragm metering pump is imported and has stable performance, accurate and uniform dosing, anti-corrosion and corrosion resistance, good tightness, small size and high metering accuracy. The dosing amount and output pressure can be adjusted steplessly according to the actual needs of the site. Domestic metering pumps can also be selected according to user requirements. Based on the front of the control box, the metering pump on the left side of the control box is the No. 1 metering pump, and the metering pump on the right side is the No. 2 metering pump.

    3. PE anti-aging dosing barrel:

    The dosing barrel is a container for water treatment chemicals. It is round and made of PE anti-aging material. It will not become brittle and break. It has a service life of more than 10 years. It is specially designed for automatic dosing devices. It is very rigid and will not deform even if it is fully loaded. The transparent material makes it easy to observe the remaining amount of medicine in the barrel from the outside. The high rigidity of the medicine barrel cover enables it to provide sufficient support and position to install the metering pump, low liquid level alarm device and liquid mixing agitator (optional).

    4. Low liquid level alarm device:

    The volume of the medicine barrel in the dosing system is fixed, but the dosing time and amount are uncertain. The engineer on duty cannot accurately grasp the remaining amount of medicine in the medicine barrel and replenish it in time. The medicine will be added after a period of time. , and the dosing pump is not powered off, the dosing pump will run dry without medicine. If the dosing pump runs dry without medicine for a long time, the control motor of the dosing pump will be burned, causing damage to the dosing pump and affecting Normal dosing of the system.

    The function of the low liquid level alarm device is that when the remaining amount of medicine in the medicine barrel is close to the limit value, an alarm signal is given to notify the engineer on duty to replenish medicine in the medicine barrel, thereby avoiding the occurrence of the above situation.

    1. Conductivity meter (optional)

    The water used in the circulating water system is municipal tap water. It has a basically fixed conductivity value after leaving the factory. When the circulating water system is running, it will continue to evaporate and concentrate, and its conductivity value will continue to increase. Excessive conductivity will have a negative impact on the circulation. It is dangerous for water systems. Conductivity can be used to reflect the degree of evaporation and concentration of the circulating water system. The quotient obtained by dividing the conductivity value of circulating water after operation by the conductivity value of municipal tap water is the concentration multiple. Therefore, it is very important to effectively control the conductivity of the circulating water system.

    The function of the conductivity meter in the circulating water system is to control the concentration multiple of the circulating water system by controlling and adjusting the conductivity of the circulating water system. First, the upper limit and lower limit of conductivity are preset. When the conductivity of the circulating water system is higher than the set upper limit, the control system gives a signal to open the drainage solenoid valve for drainage, water replenishment is carried out simultaneously, and a signal is given to add medicine at the same time. The pump is turned off to suspend dosing; when the conductivity of the circulating water system is lower than the set lower limit, the control system gives a signal to close the solenoid valve to stop drainage, and at the same time gives a signal to open the dosing pump to add medicine. The amount of medicine added is The size can be adjusted and corrected by the PH controller. For detailed instructions, please refer to the attached "Conductivity Measurement and Control Instrument Instruction Manual".

    1. PH meter (optional)

    The pH meter not only has measurement and display functions, but also has alarm and control functions. The pH value of water depends on the amount of dissolved substances, so the pH value can sensitively indicate changes in water quality.

    1. ORP instrument (optional)

    The ORP meter is an oxidation-reduction potential analyzer that can continuously monitor the ORP of water quality online. It can display ORP value, input mV number (or output current), temperature, time and status, etc., and can save historical ORP value.

    8. Electric drain valve (optional)

    The intelligent control system can give a signal when the water quality deteriorates, causing the sewage valve to open to discharge sewage. When the water quality returns to normal, it will send a signal to close the solenoid valve to stop sewage discharge. Automatic sewage discharge can effectively control the concentration ratio of the circulating water system.


    5. Control method of sodium hypochlorite dosing device

    A two-way time control switch is used to control the metering pump. The F1 loop in the time control switch controls the No. 1 metering pump. The No. 1 metering pump adds corrosion and scale inhibitors. The single dosing time is 8:00-15:00. Metering The pump automatically adds medicine on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (three times a week). The F2 loop controls the No. 2 metering pump. The No. 2 metering pump adds sterilizing and algaecide. The single dosing time is 8:00-15:00. The metering pump automatically adds dosing on Mondays every week. If the user needs to change the settings, please refer to the attached "2-way Time Control Switch Instruction Manual".


    6. Operation process of sodium hypochlorite dosing device

    1. The equipment is divided into two operating modes: manual and automatic.

    2. When the switch on the control panel is in manual mode, metering pump 1, metering pump 2 and the sewage discharge switch need to be manually operated.

    3. When the switch on the control panel is turned to automatic, metering pump 1, metering pump 2 and the sewage switch must be turned off. In the automatic state, sewage discharge is controlled by conductivity. When the conductivity exceeds the upper limit, the equipment automatically discharges sewage. (Conductivity factory values: upper limit: 1500, lower limit: 1300). In order to prevent the loss of medicine when the equipment is draining, the metering pump will automatically stop adding medicine. Please refer to the instruction manual of the conductivity meter for details on the adjustment process.

    4. Each equipment has its own operation indicator light and a water-free alarm device.

    5. Ensure safe and reliable grounding, and pay attention to the installation of conductivity probes.


    7. Equipment maintenance

    1. When the equipment is not in use, please drain the liquid in the medicine box through the vent to avoid the trouble caused by medicine failure.

    2. Check the metering pump regularly to see if lubricating oil needs to be added.

    3. Keep the equipment clean.


    8. After-sales service commitment

    "Exchange the public's trust with trustworthy products and individuals" is Hangzhou Lijin's quality policy. While we deliver high-quality and reliable products to you, we also make the following commitments to after-sales services:

    1. Product warranty is one year and lifetime maintenance. (If the failure is caused by the quality of the product itself during the warranty period, our company will provide free repairs.)

    2. If a fault occurs during use, ensure that the fault is solved in time.

    3. Regular user visits will be conducted to understand the usage situation and make timely improvements.

    4. If you are not satisfied with the service attitude of the after-sales service staff, you can complain directly.